Our Current Projects

Our primary goal is to work with educators in local public schools to create a better health curriculum workbook geared toward elementary students. The product, named “Healthy, Well-thy, and Wise,” contains four chapters on nutrition, bullying, hygiene and sleep, and is constantly improved using a data-driven approach based on data collected from pre- and post-surveys and interviews of students and teachers. The workbook has been used to teach hundreds of students so far and we are now entering its fourth redesign as of this year.

The Global Project Hope Fellowship is our newest initiative, devised in collaboration with the West African Health and Education Foundation!

This fellowship is for motivated students interested in the intersection of healthcare and education, and will involve life-changing experience volunteering in medical and educational settings in Cape Coast, Ghana in December 2018.

The following presentation introduces the fellowship and feel free to contact us through the Contact page if you’re interested!

PRESENTATION: The Global Project Hope Fellowship – Introduction