Who We Are

Global Project Hope began from an idea – a longing to make a tangible difference. For co-founders Ankoor and Abhinav Talwar, this came from witnessing the destitution in India when they were young. Over the years, they found that education is only path to cure inequity. However, through their studies and other visits abroad, they quickly learned the major shortcoming of education – you can only learn if you are in a healthy, fit condition, which is a limiting factor for so many children around the world. Therein lies the core idea of Global Project Hope: by exploring the intersection of Health and Education, we can tackle inequity in unique ways. To put it simply, our mission is to support health and education in underserved areas. What makes us different from other organizations? The difference is, Global Project Hope is the only children’s organization that targets these goals, using 100% of our donations to directly implement tangible projects. Further, members of Global Project Hope are directly involved in our work and use this as a learning experience. Since our inception in 2013, this motto has manifested itself in many ways thanks to our supporters. We have continued our successful projects and expanded them. Indeed, the future for Global Project Hope looks bright! Hopefully you, too, will join us on this journey to end inequity!

“And that’s where global project hope is headed next – with the right intention, insight and techniques, we’re confident that we can make any idea stick.”
– Abhinav Talwar

Our Team

Megan McDonnell

Chief Executive Officer

Ankoor Talwar

Chief Financial Officer & Chief Innovation Officer

Priyanka Jadhav

Chief Operating Officer

Victoria Woodburn

Chief Marketing Officer

Rohan Chalasani

Co-Chief Education Officer

Matthew Kim

Co-Chief Education Officer

External Advisors

Abhinav Talwar

Teddy Kim