Curating Health

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We start with the creation of
health education material. Our
mission is to help children
cultivate healthy mindsets that
can carry them through the rest
of their lives.


We connect student
volunteers with elementary
schools, training them on
children’s health issues,
leadership, and mentorship.


Our volunteers engage with
elementary school classes,
sharing the Global Project
Hope beliefs and health


Our Curriculum

Healthy Well-thy and Wise

Our team has developed a problem based
health education curriculum for elementary
school students. With a critical thinking
approach and hands-on activities, this
workbook makes healthy living approachable
for children.

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Our Schools

Freeport School District

Freeport's New Visions Elementary School is located in Long Island. Over the past three years, Global Project Hope has conducted the Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise summer camp at this school.

Evanston, IL

The GPH team at Northwestern University will be expanding the Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise program to local elementary schools in Evanston, IL.


CanKids is an organization in India that support child victims of cancers and their families. The GPH team travelled to New Delhi and volunteered with CanKids to create a survivor passport program for their beneficiaries.

March 26th, 2018

The Wisdom School Project

Last month, Global Project Hope traveled to the Western parts of Guatemala to San Mateo Ixtatan, a village located deep within the mountains. There, our team visited the Wisdom School, a primary school for the village children.

Guatemala is a distinctly mountainous region, which proves to be a challenge for many villages in the mountains, such as San Mateo Ixtatan. Given the rocky and, at times, isolating landscape, access to education, technology, and even basic necessities, such as water, is harshly limited. Global Project Hope’s goal at the Wisdom School was to work to better serve these issues.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partners, Global Project Hope was able to donate four laptops and a projector to the school, opening new pathways of teaching and education. Our team was also able to help teach students computer skills such as Microsoft Word and Paint. Each student received a 500MB flash drive so they could store their work and continue to acquire more technology-based skills.

Check out the video from the experience here, and the photos below!

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